Who sponsored Trudeau’s newest “Independent” senators?

More than 1700 organizations have sponsored potential appointees vying to be named as Justin Trudeau’s newest “Independent” Senators. These include: big Pharma, big Banks, radical environmental groups, and the Aga Khan Foundation. Yet, the Trudeau Government won’t tell Canadians who sponsored the last 16 senators Trudeau appointed. In Senate Question Period, Senator Denise Batters asks the Trudeau Government Senate Leader what they’re trying to hide.

Further, Senator Peter Harder was the Trudeau Government’s Transition Team Head prior to his Senate appointment. It would have been his responsibility to set up Trudeau’s new Senate appointment process. The Trudeau PMO has now admitted they use the Liberal Party’s database to vet shortlists for senators for Trudeau’s Fake “Independent” Senate. Senator Batters asks the Trudeau Government Senate Leader whether he advised against vetting with a political party database, which he would know was wrong.

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(May 8, 2019)