Trudeau’s Senate Leader Calls Accountability for $400,000+ in Taxpayers’ Money “Beancounting”

In October, I asked the Trudeau Senate Government Leader how much hybrid Senate sittings will cost Canadian taxpayers. He guessed that it was around $400,000+, saying, “I don’t have a final costing for it, but it is money well-spent.” The Senate has now been sitting in a hybrid format for weeks, and we have seen numerous examples of technical failures that prevent senators from doing our jobs. Neither Senators in the Chamber nor the Canadian public can see and verify how Senators on Zoom are voting.

So, I asked the Senate Government Leader: how much is this mess costing taxpayers?

He refused to answer this “legitimate question”, calling it “beancounting.”

Sounds like good, old-fashioned #TrudeauTransparency!

Watch the video of our Senate Question Period exchange here.