Trudeau’s Minister Likes Anti-Democratic Measures in her Elections Bill

The Trudeau government’s Democratic Institutions Minister, Karina Gould, appears before the Senate’s Legal Committee to defend Bill C-76, the massive revamp of Canada’s Elections Act. Senator Denise Batters challenges Minister Gould about two anti-democratic measures contained in this Trudeau government bill.

Bill C-76 will allow people to vote without any actual identification: a voter could bring only their voter information card to prove address (millions of which are error-filled) and another person who will “vouch” for their identity.

This Trudeau government bill also puts the Commissioner of Canada Elections (responsible for enforcement) into the office of the Chief Electoral Officer. In the worst-case scenario where the Chief Electoral Officer may have committed an elections offence, this would mean that the Chief Electoral Officer could investigate himself, decide not to compel himself to testify, and prosecute himself. Minister Gould has no problem with this alarming scenario, because she quotes one small section saying it’s “independent”!

You’d think the Democratic Institutions Minister would be more concerned about maintaining the integrity of Canada’s democratic elections.

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(November 21, 2018)