Trudeau’s “Independent” Senate Appointment Process: Not As Advertised!

After five months of delay, the Trudeau Government refused to answer Senator Denise Batters’s questions about its so-called “independent”, “arms-length” Senate appointment process. They won’t tell Canadians who sponsored the last 16 Senators appointed, and they won’t admit which provinces had their entire Senate advisory appointment panels picked by the Trudeau PMO.

In Senate Question Period, Senator Batters exposes the truth: This is more fake Trudeau transparency, and now we see why:
– The 1700+ organizations which sponsored possible Senate prospects include some with obvious agendas (Aga Khan Foundation, Tides Canada, multiple big banks).
– The Quebec Senate appointment advisory board has been empty for 18 months, yet two Quebec senators were appointed! I challenge Senator Harder to explain this stunning revelation, and his weak response is demonstrably false in multiple ways.

Justin Trudeau’s fake “independent”, “arms length” Senate appointment process is not as advertised! This is yet another broken promise.

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(May 2, 2019)