Trudeau’s “Independent” Senators Prove Their Co-Dependence to his Govt

At the Senate Legal Committee, Senator Denise Batters calls out the Trudeau-appointed “Independent” Senators Group Whip. Sen. Gold spoke to the Liberal senator responsible for the Trudeau government’s highly flawed Elections Bill C-76 to canvass the Liberal government’s willingness to accept major amendments on this bill from his Independent Senators Group. Liberal Sen. Dawson responds to Sen. Gold by saying: this is “not the place” for independence.

And that was the end of that. The 300 page Bill C-76 proceeds through the Senate Legal committee without any amendments being proposed by Independent Senators Group senators. All six Independent Senators Group senators present at the clause-by-clause meeting vote for every single flawed provision of the bill, including on four separate recorded votes.

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(December 5, 2018)