Trudeau Government Officials Cannot Answer Legal Question at Legal Ctte

Senator Denise Batters asks Trudeau Government departmental officials at the Senate Legal Committee whether the wording proposed to modify a brand new government amendment (brought at the last stage of a Senate committee process) meets legal principles. Official after official cannot give any response. The Senate Legal Committee had to use an unheard of SIX meetings (some with extended hours) to complete clause-by-clause consideration of the highly flawed Bill C-58 (the Trudeau government’s Access to Information revamp).

If the Trudeau Government truly wanted to pass the massive Bill C-58 in a timely manner, they would have provided the proper officials – including actual lawyers – who could have responded to this inquiry. It’s unfortunate that the Trudeau Government’s inability to handle even the basic tasks of governing delays the work of the Senate — and yet they routinely blame the Opposition for delaying their flawed legislation.

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(April 4, 2019)