Soft on Crime Liberal Sentencing Bill C-5 Fails Canadians and Betrays Women

Trudeau’s soft-on-crime Bill C-5 fails Canadians, and betrays women. This bill will remove mandatory minimum sentences for some heinous crimes, and makes other serious criminal offences eligible for a conditional sentence. This #FakeFeminist Government Bill endangers domestic violence victims (usually women), since under conditional sentences, their abusers can now be returned to the very communities where these women live and work. WATCH my Senate Chamber speech as I explain why I’m voting NO to the dangerous Bill C-5.

(Unfortunately, PMJT’s Fake “Independent” Senate strikes again – as Bill C-5 passed in the Senate by a vote of 36-11 (and 2 abstentions).

– Only CPC senators (including me) voted NO.

– Of the 36 senators who voted YES, 33 of those senators were Trudeau-appointees.

– I was the only senator from Saskatchewan to vote NO.

– All of the Alberta senators voted YES to this terrible bill.)