Senator Batters Tries to Restore Safeguards to Assisted Suicide Bill C-7 to Protect the Vulnerable

In the Senate Chamber during the 3rd Reading debate of Bill C-7, Senator Denise Batters introduces an amendment to restore crucial safeguards to the bill, in order to protect vulnerable people. The first Trudeau Government Assisted Suicide Bill C-14 required a 10-day reflection period between the date someone requests assisted suicide and the date that the assisted suicide occurs. It also required two independent witnesses for the assisted suicide request. The Trudeau Government’s new Assisted Suicide Bill C-7 removes the critical 10-day waiting period, and reduces the witness requirement to only one witness.

As Senator Batters points out in this speech: “This period of reflection is only 10 days. That’s shorter than a long-range weather forecast or a COVID self-quarantine period. You get more time than that to return a small purchase from most stores. Senators, we in the Senate of Canada are a body of sober second thought. Shouldn’t Canadians have the ability for sober second thought about ending their own lives?”

WATCH Senator Batters’ Senate Chamber 3rd Reading Bill C-7 Amendment speech that makes the argument to restore these important safeguards here:

(Unfortunately, this amendment was defeated in the Senate later that day, by a vote of 52-23-2.)