The revisionist history of Minister’s Question Period

Conservative Senator Leo Housakos introduced an amendment to the Minister’s Question Period motion, which would allow this important measure of accountability to once again become closer to its intended purpose. Question Period is supposed to involve the Opposition holding the Government to account: on demand, without notice. Yet, the Trudeau Government’s Senate Leader is trying to yet again silence the Official Opposition in Parliament, by controlling which ministers attend for Senate Question Period and when they will attend. Trudeau’s Senate Leader Gold amended the Housakos motion to try and force this through.

In his amendment speech, Sen. Gold portrayed the previous Minister’s Question Period process under the Trudeau Government as a “collaborative, consensus-based approach” by the Government Leader in the Senate. Senator Denise Batters enters the debate with a short speech, to provide the true facts about Minister’s Question Period in the Senate over the last four years, and to dispel this revisionist history.

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(March 1, 2020)