Trudeau “Independents” motion to eliminate Senate Opposition

Trudeau-appointed “Independent” Senators Group Leader Woo introduced an anti-democratic, omnibus motion in the Senate Chamber, with their stated goal being to eliminate the Official Opposition in the Senate Chamber. Conservative Senator Leo Housakos brought a point of order against this motion, stating that this Woo motion is out of order, as it attempts to change the Parliament of Canada Act, not by legislative amendment, but with a mere motion in one parliamentary chamber.

Conservative Senator Denise Batters joins the debate to support Senator Housakos’ point of order. She provides important context, by quoting from the unanimous Supreme Court of Canada decision in the 2014 Senate Reference case. The Supreme Court decided that fundamental changes to the Senate of Canada must be made, not only by both parliamentary chambers, but with the consent of Canada’s provinces. Eliminating the Official Opposition in the Senate of Canada is absolutely such a fundamental change.

The Senate Speaker took the matter under advisement, and will rule on the point of order before debate can continue on this Woo omnibus motion.

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(February 18, 2020)