PMJT said “not much” Russian influence in Canada’s 2015 election

This fall, PM Trudeau said there was “not much” Russian interference in the 2015 Canadian federal election. At the Senate Legal committee’s study of Bill C-76, Senator Denise Batters asks the Chief Electoral Officer, Stephane Perrault, about this alarming statement by the Prime Minister. Shockingly, the CEO of Elections Canada responds: “I have no idea what was that information and whether it would be relevant for me to have had that information.” Every newscast for the last 2 years has been consumed with the prospect that there was Russian interference in the last U.S. election, yet the Chief Electoral Officer for Canada is totally unaware of Russian interference that the PM admits happened in our own country!
Click here to watch. (This portion starts at 1:10 of this video clip.)

(November 28, 2018)