My Senate Critic’s Bill C-9 Speech + My Amendment to Allow Judges to be Suspended With/Without Pay

Here is my Senate Critic 3rd Reading speech VIDEO on Bill C-9 (Judges Act disciplinary revamp).
Two of my major C-9 amendments passed (including laypersons + the Federal Court of Appeal).
And, my common sense amendment I proposed here would have allowed suspending a judge with or without pay (up to 30 days).

Bonus viewing: The #FakeFeminist Trudeau Government’s Senate sponsor of Bill C-9 insults me after my speech, and then refuses to take my question challenging him on that!)

(My Bill C-9 amendment I proposed here was unfortunately defeated 37-25-2. But, the amended Bill C-9 (which included my two major amendments improving this bill) was returned to the House of Commons, awaiting the Trudeau Government’s decision on these amendments. Let’s hope they accept our Sober Second Thought!)