Liberals Gonna Liberal

The committee that will be set up to review the use of the Emergencies Act by the Trudeau government is supposed to be an important accountability mechanism for those unprecedented powers. It is a joint parliamentary committee, comprised of Members of Parliament as well as Senators. According to the law, it must have “. . . at least one senator from each party in the Senate that is represented on the committee by a member of the House of Commons.”

But because the Trudeau government didn’t get its fake independent Senate changes passed through the Parliament of Canada Act, technically that means only Conservative Senators are eligible to sit on the review committee.

Of course, once again, the Trudeau government plans to bend the rules to accommodate themselves. They’re just going to add Senators from other parliamentary groups onto the committee, anyway… #BecauseLiberal!

Watch me ask Trudeau’s Senate Government Leader about it in the Senate Chamber: