It Takes a Village to “Rapporteur”…

PM Trudeau’s “Special Rapporteur,” David Johnston, needs an entourage to try to stickhandle his way out of his appointment mess that PM Trudeau created on this Beijing election interference scandal. Johnston’s relying heavily on major Liberal Party donor and high-priced lawyer Sheila Block and her Bay Street legal team. Johnston turned to fellow Trudeau Foundation alumnus Iacobucci for an “independent” legal opinion to wave away Johnston’s close ties to the PM. He hired the RKESTRA firm for media relations. And Johnston has employed elite “crisis communications” firm Navigator, as he deals with the fallout from recommending against PM Trudeau calling a public inquiry.

Instead of spending all this taxpayers’ money trying to crisis manage his way out of the mess PM Trudeau created, when will his Special Rapporteur listen to the people of Canada – as expressed by the majority of MPs – and step down?

Watch my Senate Question Period exchange with the Trudeau Government Senate Leader: