“Independent” Sen. billed $15K poll to taxpayers: This breaks Senate rules

Trudeau-appointed “Independent” Senator Donna Dasko billed a $15,000 political poll to taxpayers. As Deputy Chair of the Senate’s Internal Economy committee, Senator Denise Batters insisted the full Internal Economy committee examine this expense. Sen. Batters thinks it breaks Senate rules, and as such, Sen. Dasko should pay this money back.

This poll tried to justify Trudeau’s Fake “Independent” Senate, which as we know now is #NotAsAdvertised.

Watch Senator Batters argue at the Senate’s Internal Economy Committee that this political push poll breaks the Senate’s rules, and that Senator Dasko should repay this money. Clearly, Trudeau-appointed “Independent” Senator Pierre Dalphond (sitting beside Sen. Batters) does not agree.

Click here to watch.

(May 9, 2019)