How is PMO accessing the Liberal Party database to vet govt appointments?

We now know that Trudeau’s “independent”, “arms-length” government appointment process is #NotAsAdvertised. PMO has admitted that they vet short-lists of all government appointments using the Liberal Party database called Liberalist. This political database contains much more information than what is publicly available, including: all Liberal Party donors (including those less than $200), party members, identified supporters, and even those who put up lawn signs.

How far does this inappropriate vetting for appointments go in the Trudeau government? I asked Trudeau’s Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale about the use of the Liberal Party database to vet appointments to the National Parole Board. Why would the federal government need to know if someone had a Liberal lawn sign in the last election — when they’re picking people to decide whether murderers should get out of prison.

Any access to this Liberal Party database from the PMO or a Minister’s office is completely inappropriate. Where and how are they accessing this information? No surprise that Minister Goodale walks around my question with Trudeau talking points. More #TrudeauTransparency!

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(May 7, 2019)