Fighting Back Against Putting Random Alcohol Testing Back Into C-46

Senator Denise Batters delivers her speech in the Senate Chamber opposing the Trudeau Government’s amendment to reinstate the random alcohol testing provision back into Bill C-46, the impaired driving law. At the Senate’s Legal committee, Senator Batters successfully amended Bill C-46 to remove the unconstitutional random alcohol testing provision. The Trudeau Government attempted to reinstate random alcohol testing in this bill, through an amendment brought by Senator Gold.

In this speech, Senator Batters explains that she wants to protect Canadians’ rights and their safety. Further, she states that we don’t want a decade of mass Charter challenges driven by this unconstitutional provision, spiking Canada’s criminal court delay crisis, so that murderers & rapists go free. Following her speech, a lively debate ensues in the Senate Chamber. After this, the Senate votes on this amendment to reinstate random alcohol testing into Bill C-46 — and the Trudeau Government’s amendment is defeated in a dramatic tie vote. As a result, Bill C-46 is returned to the House of Commons without the random alcohol testing provision included in the Bill.

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(June 5, 2018)