CPC Sens. Push to Move Ambrose’s Bill Forward; Independent Sens. Vote No

Rona Ambrose’s Bill C-337, also known as the JUSTAct, requires sexual assault law training for judges. It passed unanimously in the House of Commons, and now has been in the Senate for two years. It was referred to the Senate’s Legal Committee one year ago, where some of us who have supported this important bill from the beginning, have been impatiently waiting to study it.
This week at the Senate Legal Committee, Conservative Senators pushed to move this bill forward asap. Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu proposed a motion to have Bill C-337 studied at the Legal Committee immediately after we finish work on Govt Bill C-75 currently before us. Senator Denise Batters spoke in favour of this motion to study this legislation without any further delay — stressing Canadians’ concern about this issue, so we can ensure victims of sexual assault are treated appropriately by the courts.

However, in the vote on Sen. Boisvenu’s motion, only Conservative Senators voted YES to move C-337 forward and study it next (CPC Senators Boisvenu, Batters, Carignan and McIntyre). All other senators voted NO (Trudeau “Independent” Senators Dalphond, Dupuis, Gold, Miville-DechĂȘne, Pratte, Sinclair and Liberal Senator Dyck). Those who voted NO included Trudeau “Independent” Senators Dalphond and Pratte who previously professed support for Bill C-337.
Actions speak louder than words.

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(May 15, 2019)