Senator Batters Questions Minister LeBlanc’s Inaction as Judge Finds Senior Government Official Gave MPs Faulty Advice

Earlier this year, an Ontario court found part of the Trudeau Government’s Elections Amendment Act Bill C-76 to be unconstitutional. The Trudeau Government used their Budget Implementation Act, Bill C-30, to try and fix their unconstitutional law. During the Senate Legal Committee’s hearings on Bill C-30, Senator Denise Batters challenges Minister Dominic LeBlanc (the Queen’s Privy Council President) on what action, if any, he took in his department after this scathing judgment was rendered. The judge strongly criticized the advice that a senior department official had given MPs during the House of Commons committee’s clause-by-clause deliberations on Bill C-76. The judge stated this advice “was, for several reasons, incorrect and potentially misleading”. As Sen. Batters points out following Min. LeBlanc’s response to her, it’s clear that he took no action — even though his senior official gave a parliamentary committee faulty advice. The result: part of the federal government’s Elections Bill C-76 was found unconstitutional by a court.

Watch the video here.