Trudeau Doesn’t Listen to Canadians, Responds with Authoritarian Emergencies Act

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has used the Covid-19 public health emergency as a political wedge issue, dividing Canadians and turning them against one another.

Canadians – many of whom have lost much or lost everything during this pandemic – are fed up. And so they drove to Ottawa to protest on Parliament’s doorstep. To have a conversation. To be heard.

But Prime Minister Trudeau wouldn’t even listen to them. Instead, after three weeks, he just slammed down the most authoritarian law he could – the Emergencies Act.

Using this law is total government overreach. The protest wasn’t a national emergency, nor a matter of national security. Other blockades were cleared without requiring the Emergencies Act. Prime Minister Trudeau used this law as a first, not a last resort.

And now he wants to make some parts of it permanent.

I say NO. Watch my speech in the Senate Chamber here.