Inclusion Canada asks: Are disabled peoples’ lives worth less than other Charter-protected groups?

The Trudeau government’s assisted suicide legislation, Bill C-7, would expand access to assisted suicide to Canadians who are NOT at the end of their lives. Every major national disabilities organization in Canada is opposed to this massive expansion of the assisted suicide regime. Many feel that this proposed law discriminates against those living with disabilities because it undervalues their lives — leaving them with the impression they’d be “better off dead” (their words).

During our Senate Legal Committee Bill C-7 study, Krista Carr of Inclusion Canada tells me why so many persons with disabilities believe it is discriminatory for them to be able to access assisted suicide when they are not at the end of their lives. Carr poses an uncomfortable question to the Trudeau Government when assessing assisted suicide for people in Charter-protected groups: Are the lives of persons with disabilities not worth as much?

Watch the video here.