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Is There a Link Between the Trudeau Foundation and Plum Trudeau Government Appointments?  (March 20, 2017)

Senator Denise Batters asks:  Why are so many of the Trudeau Government’s federal appointees drawn from the ranks of the Trudeau Foundation?


Criminal Court Delay Problem Compounded by Trudeau Government Delay Problem (March 6, 2017)


Senator Denise Batters challenges the Trudeau Government to act now to reduce criminal court delays. If the Trudeau Government continues to drag its feet on this issue, thousands of criminal cases could be tossed out of the Canadian justice system. This situation is dangerous and it is unjust.

The Trudeau Government has the power to immediately fill the 60+ judicial vacancies that exacerbate this problem. Instead, his Justice Minister has chosen to dismantle the appointment boards, only creating FURTHER delays. She has taken four months to appear before a Senate Committee on the issue of court delays. The criminal court delay problem is now being compounded by a Trudeau Government delay problem.

Please watch Senator Batters’ video on court delays at the link below:


Court Delay Crisis –  Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe, 1310 News Radio (March 7, 2017)

Senator Denise Batters discusses with Ottawa 1310 News radio host Mark Sutcliffe how Trudeau Government delays are compounding Canada’s criminal court delay crisis.

Is PMO Directing the Destruction of the Opposition in the Senate?

Prime Minister Trudeau has expressed his fondness for Fidel Castro and his “admiration” for Chinese dictatorship efficiency. Is this why the Prime Minister’s Office is directing the destruction of the Opposition in a Parliamentary Chamber?

Please watch as Senator Batters describes why this would be a devastating blow to our parliamentary democracy in Canada.


Destruction of Senate Opposition – Ottawa Today with Mark Sutcliffe, 1310 News (Dec 22, 2016)

Senator Denise Batters speaks with Ottawa 1310 News Radio host Mark Sutcliffe about the Trudeau Government’s attempt to dismantle the Opposition in the Senate Chamber.


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